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Die Gedanken sind frei


I just read someone describe a metaphysical paradox as imagining a unique object that is both black and white at the same time.  He said you couldn’t do it.

I beg to differ.  Since my (and everyone elses’) mind is an infinite, non-restrictive space, I am easily able to picture, in my mind, a box existing in two different realities.  One in which it is black, the other in which the box is white.  In my infinite mind the box fluctuates between the two realities, thus causing it to be both black and white (and not half black/half white).

It’s like having tea and no-tea (which is a very good source of Brownian motion) at the same time.

The human mind can think of anything.  If it couldn’t, we wouldn’t have a third of the technology we have today.  Or the fictions we read, for that matter.  It is the very fact that we CAN picture things that can’t possibly exist that lead us to create.  Even if what we create can exist, it is based on what can’t.  That’s the beauty.

Thoughts have no boundaries.  They are free to fly where ever they choose.  If that flight goes where things are that are impossible that is called science fiction or fantasy.  The idea that someone can say that a thing cannot be pictured is ludicrous.  Maybe it can’t be pictured by him, but that doesn’t mean that it can’t be pictured by someone.

The depth and breath of human imagination is as vast as the universe itself.