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Burn’em, Danno!


So, Torchwood. I haven’t seen episode 6, “The Middle Men” yet, so this comment is regarding ep. 5 “The Categories of Life”. And yep, we guessed it. Actually my bf suggested that the best way to get rid of people who should be dead is cremation. Of course he was talking about those who’s bodies should no longer be capable of supporting life. Like that burned guy they examined and snipped the head off of in the first episode. Not people who just have terminal illnesses or heart attacks.

Now, the question is…if your body and, more importantly, your brain are completely eradicated can you still be alive according to this miracle? I mean, if there is no physical place for your conciseness to reside are you still alive? Or does is this incineration creating lots of “ghosts” wandering the planet since the conciseness’s of all these people have no home?


Rex at the Module

I’ll be watching ep. 6 tonight. I don’t know if there are any of these answers, but I doubt it. This is really too much of a…not psychological…maybe metaphysical…problem then this show really deals with. I mean, we’re talking about mass haunting here. Would these people that are now pure conciseness, pure energy, be trying to contact their respective loved ones? Could this miracle be creating a whole new form of human? A being of pure thought. Isn’t that several steps up the evolutionary ladder from where we are now? What a leap! Or am I going WAY beyond where the writers of Torchwood have even dreamed of going. And if so…typical. However, if this is the case, wouldn’t there arise a whole class of people who would want to be incinerated in order to jump those evolutionary rungs? People willing to be burned alive to achieve a true transcendental state. I can see underground places cropping up where they would give you a drug to either knock you out or kill all nerve endings or some other way of removing the sensation of pain and then feeding these people into the crematorium flames. Perhaps this would be a new business for funeral homes.

Speaking of which. There’s a business that would hurt during this miracle. They would only be there to maintain the already buried if they also owned the cemetery. Burning people either for evolutionary growth or to help families of Cat. 1 people avoid turning their loved ones over to the government (in essence: funeral for the still living) would rake in the bucks for these businesses. They could, would, charge more for cremation services then they did before the miracle due to the controversial and probably illegal nature of the act.

Ooo…this show is better than it knows.